Richard Bazley - director of Sky commercial - cool cat

Richard Bazley - Director - Animator - Storyboard artist

Having shown an interest in Animation from a very early age Richard went on to achieve his childhood ambition to work at Disney, not only as an Animator but as a Lead Animator on Disney's "Hercules" (Amphitryon and Alcmene) working with The famed British Political Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe on some of the designs. He got his first job in animation on the Disney Blockbuster "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and got to work with Oscar Winner Animation Director Richard Williams, the artist whose work originally inspired him to get into the business. For the past decade he has worked as a Supervising Animator at three of the Major Animation Studios, Sullivan Bluth Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation and Warner Bros. He is most well known in the industry for his work on the critically acclaimed "The Iron Giant" supervising three of it's sequences. It was a project that he had a deep personal interest in as he had pitched his version of the same property over nine years ago to Don Bluth. He has also contributed to "Pocahontas" (John Smith), "Osmosis Jones" (Drix) and many more classic animated films. He also has a broad knowledgeable grounding in the arts having received a BA(hons) in Graphic Design.

Upon setting up Bazley Films (2000)  he Produced and Directed an animated short entitled "The Journal of Edwin Carp" which features the voice talents of Hugh Laurie. It was executed in the computer program "Flash" features in "The Flash 5 Bible" (Reinhardt/Lentz) in which Bazley was a contributor and also "Flash-Cartoons and Games" in which he is a Co-Author Coriolis (2000). Richard appeared both on the BBC and ITV to talk about his film.

More recently Richard Directed the acclaimed Sky Commercial “Cool Cat” and is attached as Director to a variety of film projects including Robot Wars-The Movie based on the TV series and the Epic Trilogy “The Legend of the Purple Planet” written by Sabina Spencer (Author) and to be Produced by Gary Kurtz.

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